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Jewelry and invitations in beach style

How about to add in your wedding some exotic colors. Island`s exotic, a beauty of traditional wedding ceremonies, a honeymoon on an oceanfront therefore you could think about your unusual wedding story.


The bride before a celebration on the island Borakay

You will never stop admire the Philippine island. A heart skips a beat the kind of a volcano`s beauty, waterfalls are beckon its coolness and the mysterious “chocolate hills” are evoke an admiration.

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On the Philippine island in day of wedding a groom will be dressed in barongo and bride in a vivid dress. Barongo is a silky shirt of pineapple`s fiber. Decorations and bouquets will be very colorful too. Your guests will perform the special roles in the wedding play. The «keepers of candles» at the right time will kindle the fire with symbolizes the presence of God wen two hearts are joined. The «keepers of the veil» will put on a white cloth on the shoulders of the newlyweds. This ritual symbolizes the unity of the new family. Thereafter a bride decorates groom shoulders of eight decorative silk ribbons, that symbolizes is infinite faithfulness. Groom will bestow bride the thirteen sanctified gold coins as a sight that he will be able his wife happy and support a family.


Wedding table on a beach on the island Borakay

Fiji is a marvelous place where you come back to childhood, when everything was wonderful and easy. That to know the mystery of these islands just let the world surround you. Of swaying palm trees and the whisper of the ocean are make the company with you. Vows of love that are given under the palm tree at sunset impossible to break. It is the perfect place to hold a wonderful wedding.

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Groom will arrive at the ceremony first, accompanied by Fijian soldiers. Bride is delivered to the altar on a special bamboo raft «bili-bili»  which is decorated with flowers. Warriors will blow in the big shell to inform abut the arrival of the groom`s favorite.Wedding ceremony will is held with the ethnic choir. You will be able wear a traditional white dress,but if you like to surprise then give preference to national dress of brightly colored palm leaves.In this case, the bride will look spectacular in a boat is decorate with flowers, in which the couple will leave the ceremony traditionally.


Bali island called the «morning of world» for its cleanliness and pristine. Here you will be sure that nature has created everything and everyone perfect.

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On Bali the traditional ceremony takes place in the temple. You will wear royal outfits and then on elephant of decorated of a festive trappings you follow to the palace with accompanied by a group of people with «okokan» (the large wooden bells).At the temple Balinese girls will dance of complimentary dance for you and escorted to the altarOn the traditional wedding ceremony you will get the blessing of the priest and marriage certificate is printed on parchment.

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