Wedding Tattoos Designs


Nowadays having a wedding tattoos designs  is more rule than exception. Almost everyone does have one (or more). But what if you get married? You show him or you prefer to hide it?

Are you a tattoo -covered place, then there is nothing wrong, of course? Dress over it and no one sees it.


But is your tattoo in a more visible place, then it is good to ask if you want to show him. Yourself

Are you still very happy with your wedding tattoos designs, he also has a beautiful meaning and leave you happy to see him? Show him! Wear a beautiful (strapless) dress where your tattoo is visible. Let him even more stress during your photo shoot! Then you have also a nice picture of it in your wedding album.

Would you prefer to cover your tattoo because you personally find it or just do not think fit your dress beautiful? No problem. There are plenty of ways to cover you. wedding tattoos designs 



Clothing over your tattoo transfer is the easiest and safest way. Therefore, choose a beautiful dress with sleeves. So is your tattoo on your arm / back / shoulder blades nicely covered and dresses with sleeves can also be very beautiful. Look at the dress of Kate during the Royal Wedding!


Do you really put your mind at that gorgeous strapless dress or fairy tale that one great dress with spaghetti straps? Or do you have a tattoo in a place that cannot be covered with sleeves, such as your collarbone or chest? Even then there is no panic. Makeup is the solution. Concealed is the tool you need. What is important here, however, that you go for real quality, because the brand of the Hemi or probably will not last all day? Tattoo Queen Kat Von D, for example, designed a special concealed for Sphere. In addition, you can always ask your makeup artist for your tattoo or she covered with makeup. She knows exactly what is needed and it can also yield right for you! You know immediately that it is all right.


Tattoo you can also think of a nice accessory. For example, it is on your wrist? Wear it over a beautiful corsage. This is not only beautiful to think of your tattoo, but is also another super – stylish outfit and gives you that little bit extra.

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Picture Gallery of the Wedding Tattoos Designs

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