Wedding Invitations Designs


There are three standard formats wedding invitations designs, which are dictated by the format of the envelopes:

Simple Cards: Normally in A5 or A6, but also can be found in other sizes. It is quintessential to design any wedding invitations designs as there is enough space for the text and some added element. Pictures, icons, etc.


Square Cards: The modern version of the classic greeting cards. Normally in action: 16.5×16.5 14.8×14.8 cams or cams.

Americano: Also a classic format but usually intended for formal correspondence. The standard size 9.9 x 21 cams.

Standard formats can also be made double.


The actual wedding invitations designs is usually double in landscape format with text printed on a shovel or two according to taste.

Double Cards: Normally A4 A5 O, but also can be found in other sizes.

Double Square Cards: Normally in action: 14.8×29.7 cams. Open

American: It’s a format that does not usually work double, although there are exceptions.

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Picture Gallery of the Wedding Invitations Designs