Wedding Invitation Stationery


Although here in Spain is not seen in other countries like the U.S., Wedding Invitation Stationery is a whole world of design and originality where not missing a detail.

In addition to invitations, there are other ‘ works on paper ‘ very useful in these events:


The “save the date” or save the date_ is a ‘ pre invitation ‘ that is sent between 8 and 6 months before the wedding (or even more!). Many couples use this method to break the news. It is often used when the wedding does not take place at the place of residence or when most of the guests come from outside and need to know the date with time to organize the trip.

Raspiest_ card included with the ‘ safe to date’ and her guests will answer if they will attend the wedding or not.

Wedding Invitation Stationery_ it all important event details (date, place, time, restaurant, etc. . .) Plus some form of contact with the couple or family is included. They usually send between 2 or 3 months before the wedding.


Map of the venue and / or restaurant_ usually included with the Wedding Invitation Stationery.

Bode_ program can include both religious and civil weddings. It is a way to continue the ceremony. In her entire program, or even musical repertoire texts to be read are included.

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Picture Gallery of the Wedding Invitation Stationery