Wedding Dress Types


There are many different fabrics for a Wedding Dress Types. They all have certain characteristics that determine the style. Choose yourself comfortable or classic? Read all about the different substances in the bridal fashion

Silk is a festive and feminine fabric. Ideal for a Wedding Dress Types! It feels soft and shines beautifully. Side is made from the filaments which is a silkworm secretes. The wires run subtly from thick to thin, causing the fabric has a fine, parallel -shaped pattern. Silk has a natural shine and is quite costly.


Satin is a classic fabric bride “and is very smooth. This is due to the weaving technique: satin weave, also called atlas binding. In this weaving technique, the intersections of the weft and warp wires are evenly distributed, and would be covered by the weft threads. Do you understand yet?

By means of this technique, threads can be woven very close to each other, and this ensures that the fabric is flexible and therefore also falls smoothly. The underside of the fabric is a bit dull, but the top is shiny and that is because of the loose weft threads.

Satin is not only made ​​of silk, but polyester, acetate, viscose and cotton. It has not always exact same structure and appearance, but it remains satin. Satin made ​​of real silk is – of course – the most beautiful.


Lace is available in many price ranges. It is easy to combine with silk. Kant has a romantic atmosphere and is often used for Wedding Dress Types. Side braided, ‘ cloaked ‘, on a pillow with a drawing as a substrate. Pins with the lace-maker leading the wires in the right direction and the pattern held. In some cases, side also made with the hand. That explains the price.

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