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Many couples who get married soon want to know : How much does a wedding dress prices Not quite so simple, because it depends on several factors.

Fees can range from a small celebration for € 1,500 to an extensive event that costs go many € 10,000 . How to quickly make an initial statement of the cost of your wedding dress prices.Im German-speaking world (as of 2016) are issued on average € 5450 for a celebration with the registry office , church and invitation to dinner . The average number of guests is about 60 people.


A wedding dress prices, eating in a small circle and fine clothes ( so chic clothing , but no wedding dress or special wedding suit) you can already celebrate for € 1,500 . Larger weddings (including facilities for the bride and groom) start at about 4,000 € and of course, some € 10,000 for a wedding with all imaginable amenities are possible.

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