Wedding Dress Patterns


Make your own wedding dress patterns, for yourself or for your daughter! I can make a suitable wedding dress pattern for you. You come from far away, and then this is not a problem because a visit to me, you have a matching pattern, tailored to your needs.

A method of making a wedding dress pattern.


First I take your measurements on. Then I’m going to make cotton top. These top draws you to. Now I can continue molding the top down on your body so that it fits you perfectly. You can instantly see how you top will stand. So you can, for example, better indicate how deep your neckline should be. These cotton top I make a wedding dress patterns. Depending on the model, the skirt attached to it signed.

You will get a pattern made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely on your body. The pattern of the dress will be sent to you.


Picture Gallery of the Wedding Dress Patterns