Wedding Dress Bee


Yeah, and then you suddenly decide to still get married before delivery. We wanted to keep it small, but I could not resist pulling anyway. A homemade wedding dress bee on

First I’m going to apply some to figure out what looks good to me with the belly. This showed that fully pleated should fall to get pregnant and not fat to see the dress over my belly so it was a real position to make wedding dress bee.


With the dress ideas in my head I started drawing.

The area under my breasts, I used the pattern of the skirt, the fabric of the wedding dress bee, I would get over to overlay nicely show. Abdomen in layers / folds The skirt I run to remove the ground from under my belly and bottom I have taken into account the circumference of the hoop (hoop I borrowed from a friend, fit right under my belly).

For the part about my breasts, I almost did the same, but with a pattern from the Buda.

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Picture Gallery of the Wedding Dress Bee