Use Wedding Shower Ideas to Have an Exciting Wedding Shower Party

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A bridal shower is a party in which the bride is literally showered with presents by her female friends.  This party has become a tradition in the United States and Australia. However, because it has become a very common event, many people consider it not very exciting anymore. Many attendants are present in that event only because they think that it is not appropriate enough to refuse the invitation or to simply not go to that event. If you are a bride who wants to make sure that your friends are enthusiastic enough to attend your bridal shower party, you have to make sure that you apply creative and unique wedding shower ideas to that special event of yours.

Leave the old and dull living room-themed bridal shower party that is barely exciting for everyone who attends it. Instead, give a specific theme to that event so that your friends are more enthusiastic to participate in it. There are many unique themes that you can choose from for your bridal shower. If you believe that the modern bridal shower has become too mind-numbing, try to revive the glamor of bridal shower of the eighties. Let your attendants enjoy the eighties theme of the event and romantically reminisce on such superstars of the era as Duran-Duran and such fashion trends as big afro hair. Tune up the disco and decorate the venue with colorful neon lights.

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Another theme that may also interest you and your guests is spa-themed shower. Let your guests enjoy your party by inviting some masseuses, beauticians, manicurists, and pedicurists who can give them light massage and beauty care treatments. Your friends will mostly be amazed by how creatively you try to thank for all presents that you receive from them.

You can also make your shower party more interesting by allowing your friends not only to be passive guests, but also to be active advisors. If some of friends whom you invite have married, you can ask them to give their recipes for a happy marriage. They will be enthusiastic not only to attend your party, but also to give you the best advices that they know.

Those are some of the smartest wedding shower ideas that you can apply to your party. Try any of them and make your party the most exciting one.

wedding shower favor sayings

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