Two Things That You Never Considered When Buying Sun Hats For Women

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Wearing sun hats for women and heading to the beach seem the best idea to enjoy the short summer fantasy. However, don’t let the sun blows your mind and then, you forget to protect your body, including your head. If you are planning to buy the sun hat, two essential tips below may be so helpful to you.

Environment Factors

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At a glance, choosing sun hat seems so simple and easy, but if you want to make it as effective as you want it to be, you must consider environment factor. First, where is the place that you will wear the sun hat? If you want to wear it for gardening, you can choose the narrow brimmed sun hat. However, if you wear it for playing tennis, you must choose sun hats for women with thick material and strap in order to keep it from the wind. For playing sports, choose the sun hat which doesn’t obstruct your vision.

Downward Brim Benefit

If you are exposed the sun for a long period of time, choosing downward brimmed hat is a brilliant idea. When the sun is above your head, narrow brimmed sun hat may work properly to protect your from the sun ray, but when it comes towards noon, the sun’s position will be lower than afternoon. The downward brimmed sun hats for women can block the sneaking sun ray to your face.

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