Simple Wedding Dresses


Cecile Titans Envied Couture:

“A separate, simple wedding dress. Stylish and elegant.


That was my job.

Feke length. Empire, the high waist, asking for length. But particularly suits the elegant simplicity of empire with her personality. What I saw was purity and romance. We chose slim falling sheer fabrics in silk and lace.

Nice side effect: Empire was and is a current style shape. No extra words in the image opposite need.


A simple wedding dress, separate, elegant and feminine.

Nicely made, tailored, sophisticated fabrics fair “.

If you do not like a standard Simple Wedding Dresses, but more dreamy, vintage feel designs are the dresses of Laure de Sagas an might be something for you. We are in love with the comfortable dresses, and though it is not entirely reserved for you then you can always enjoy

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Picture Gallery of the Simple Wedding Dresses