Planning a wedding checklist – reduces last minute hassles

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Wedding checklist plays a vital role in any wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony can be done at any time of the year, at any time of the day. Preferably, the time decided is the one which is comfortable for friends and family. Meals arranged at the wedding are also of extreme importance irrespective of the fact whether it is dinner, lunch, brunch or may even be breakfast. Every one of your guests is looking forward to a delicious meal. One of the most important things you need to look after is your wedding photographer because he is the one who will create and extract magic out of the best moments of your life in such a way so that you would love to relive them at any time of your post wedding life.

Make sure that vendors work is complete or will complete in time for the wedding day. Ensure their payment is made so that they do not bother you to write down their checks on the morning of the wedding day or after the ceremony. Their payment and any bargaining left must be done well in time after you are satisfied with the level of the work they created for you.

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Next is to prepare the wedding checklist for the vendors and the services you hired to make sure they are on it on the day of the wedding and nothing important is missed. Take photographer as an example. Make sure he takes shots of all those actions that you believe should form part of your wedding album.

An important point to be included in wedding checklist is to have a meeting with your beautician and ensure what cosmetics he will be up to once he furnishes your face look on the wedding day. Trying new look may come up with new features and expose aspects of your face which you never wanted the world to have a look at.

Talk to your designer well in advance to ensure that your wedding dress is tested in time and alteration, if any, are finalized before the date of pick up. The date should be minimum 2 to 3 days in advance to your wedding date.

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Confirm your honeymoon plans and prepare your luggage in time so that you do not make mess of what you have to take along. Confirm the availability of your passport if you are going international for your honeymoon.

Following the above simple steps will not only make you happy and relaxed but will also ensure touching the extreme of perfection if not completely at that level.

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