Muslim Wedding Dresses


Yes, because from the beginning I ‘m talking about the organization of my marriage, but actually, you do not always know what it looks like. I hope that after reading this post, you will understand a little more the principles underlying Muslim Wedding Dresses.

First, beyond tradition, marriage is a KEY way of life of a young woman and a young man. Wait, I repeat, but marriage is a CRUCIAL moment in the life of every Muslim. Let me explain why…


Already, I’ll leave home. What? Yes, I still live with my parents … so for me the marriage that will also be the beginning of life together!

Three weeks before the party, I begin to understand the beginning of married life and that it will lead to new and student in my little life “single” who lives with his parents. That said I ‘m still hyper pressed. It’s been almost two years that we are “together”, my fiancé and I both say that getting impatient you. Really.

Then that says marriage is synonymous with early life also means two chastity before marriage. Our God forbade us the “fornication “, and contrary to popular belief, it is true for women as for men!


So the Muslim Wedding Dresses that you will meet who has friends galore (I do not judge, he does what he wants , eh ) but then tell you he wants to marry a virgin , forgive me the use of crude words , but it is not a Muslim at all!

In short, all that to say that the Muslim Wedding Dresses marriage is for us the only and most noble way to preserve her chastity. And as in Islam it is natural to want to be with someone, and although the marriage was for!

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