Modest wedding dresses – important part of any bridal trousseau


So the wedding bells have started ringing and it’s time for you to select the dress for your big day. You seem to be standing at a crossroad since you like wearing colours and the convention is a white floor length dress. There is no need to worry as the innovation in the recent times has got solution to this problem of yours. Talk of the trends and they never seem to cease chasing the change. The trendy colourfulmodest wedding dresses have always been the option for the contemporary lovers.

If a bride opts out of the white, then pink seems to be the most likely choice of the bride. Pink seems to set the tone for the bride as it is appealing and make the female look elegant and girlish. The pink in pale makes a strong statement and is easy to fabricate as per the requirements since pale pink is in some way synonymous to white. Creating embroidered flowers or any other designs will look good as a modest wedding dress. A contrast with a dark color will also make a strong impression.


If not white, not pink then going yellow is a good way out. The yellow may be bold or it may as well be pale as in the case of pink. However, making a contrast with other sharper colors needs serious thought process since the yellow do not go well with all other bold colors put on it either in the form of embroidery or it may be ribbon ridden border.

The other bold colors including the likes of sharp purple may have to be given some serious consideration with respect to the style and grace they may echo. The embroidery does not glow in a unique way and cannot make a strong statement. Since the backdrop and the props are generally bright colored with shades of a few bold ones, the selection of dark and sharp colors is always a risky affair.

On the other hand, the butter cup is good but overall, it makes a dull impression. The baby blue color is more of a princess theme and is glowing with a contrast of white on the outer borders.


Modest Wedding dress is a bride’s style statement. It depicts its style in the most comprehensive manner. Standing alongside your groom you should glow and make a statement by being at your very best. Experimenting with colors is not prohibited but it does not always work. Measure your looks, your body type and the overall theme of your wedding venue and then select the color of your dress if white is ruled out.

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