Latest Wedding Dress Trends


What are the latest wedding trends for 2009 in New York City? New York always has the latest trends, so of course married in, the wedding cake to wedding dresses! At this time it is funny to see that the wedding leading to “The Big Apple “is not to be. Too trendy

The challenge now is not to show how fashionable you are, or what you can spend. Weenie it is not about anyone stabbing the eyes but it is about hospitality. New Yorkers They understands very well that a wonderful time with family and friends is THE way for a great wedding! Sounds good right?

Across America

This trend cannot see across America again, this is different. So you see in LA weddings from the 80s with sushi bars, brightly colored bridesmaids and latest wedding dress trends color themes. Atlanta luxury weddings are totally hot. New York goes back to basics, classic details are now hot!


Trend 1: Colors

The New York bride holds not very tightly colors. The colors you see on the wedding, coming forward through the flowers. The flowers are also thinking pink and white orchids, calla, lilies and roses. In a classic style,

Trend 2: The Wedding Dress

New Yorkers are now looking for a latest wedding dress trends that is strapless anything. Think of a v- neck, high collars, plenty of options!

Trend 3: The size of the wedding

The number of guests at the wedding is getting smaller. It’s not weird. A wedding (in New York) just costs a lot of money. By inviting fewer guests, you can save a lot of money fast. It is important that the guests you have invited you feel completely welcome and pamper them that you have a giant wedding with lots of guests that you cannot put all in cotton wool.


Trend 4: The Reception

By inviting fewer guests, more space for new trends. Consider the cocktail reception. It is a way to save money and it is perfect for smaller weddings. Invite the guests instead of dinner for a cocktail reception.

Trend 5: Wedding Entertainment

No salsa lessons or other acts. This season is the ‘ photo booth ‘ in New York hot! Especially if you do it in a vintage style, so photos look old. Rent a photo booth where guests can use. Nice pictures immediately a nice souvenir for guests to take home! Note See also our page about entertainment at your Latest Wedding Dress Trends!

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