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We reveal more than fifty collections every year, among them more than thirty collections Lace Country Wedding Dress!

It is a real meeting between the dream girl and the big crossroads of life.


The site of the wedding with you and invites you to discover the most beautiful Lace Country Wedding Dress trend of the year.

Short or long, white or colored, of unknown brands or names, with or without bare shoulders, there are so many different dresses that choosing her wedding dress will be a real headache, some brides are also choosing to wear more than one dress.

Any color, any shape … for your wedding dress?


The bride must make a genuine effort of harmony between her dress and the organization of the wedding, which means it, has to make choices that go great with his entire career.

And most often the length of the dress will depend on the season of the wedding, short dresses , bare shoulders or back rather for the summer, and the longest closed more dresses for the cold days of winter.

The question remains traditional colors and difficult to depart: the color of a Lace Country Wedding Dress is white, but nothing prevents the most extravagant ladies to choose less expected colors like red!

The dress is usually worn all day; we must provide a suitable outfit for the town hall, the church and reception. For some time the reception can be an opportunity to put a lighter dress to lend to the atmosphere of the cocktail, and be in the same colors as the theme of your wedding, or to grant decoration the theme you have chosen for a garden or a room.

Another question of size, shape of the dress … and again it comes to a choice between harmonious shape of the dress and the morphology of the bride. Among the main forms, you will find the marquise shape, empire, mermaid, sheath, and princess … a program!

At all these criteria still add the choice of necklines , with and without straps, strapless , v- necks … it is not finished , you can also make choices about the lace, even embroidery.

Also raise the question of trolling, some prefer with, some without! For those who choose to have one, it will decide its thickness, length, rather short, rather ankle, or rather the ground, and decide on the choice of honor children who wear it.

More and more women pay attention to the appearance of the dress around the back! Multiple choices are between traditional zipper in the back or on the side, which will force him lacing elegance and traditional at the same time, if there dresses with buttons with hidden buttons.

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