Changing Name after Wedding

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Changing your name after your wedding is one complicated thing you should have done. Just because you have married with a man does not mean that you have got his last name instantly. You need to work on some documents to really change your last name. One most important thing is that you should know the perfect time to change it. There are also many things to do so that it can be done.

The right time to change your name

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To officially change your name will not just take a few minutes. It will take for almost 1 or 2 months. So, you need to consider whether you need to go abroad for honeymoon or not. If you want to have your honeymoon in another country, it is better if you will be changing your name after it. It is because you are going to need your passport and if you change your name just right after your wedding, you will just postpone your honeymoon for another 6 or even more than 10 weeks. Changing your name on passport will take that time.

Once again, you need to be very considerate about the time. If you are not going to do anything after wedding, or you will just have your honeymoon in your country, you can just work on the name change now. But, if you have the plan to go abroad or anything that involves private identity document, it is changing your name after you finish all.

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