Best Wedding Dress by Body Type


Here are some general guidelines to help you choose at your body type . The perfect best wedding dress by body type you

The Sisi dress is the perfect outfit for a fairytale wedding . It has a tight bodice with a full skirt underneath . Under the skirt is a hoop .

Suitable for : This style best wedding dress by body type is very suitable for the slender figure with full breasts , and turn every bride a romantic princess .


A dress with a mermaid skirt emphasizes the curves of the body . The mermaid silhouette hides very little while emphasizing every curve .

Suitable for : It is a suitable style for women with slim figure. It is the best choice for a confident and full figured bride who is proud of her feminine form .

It has a tight bodice and the skirt is in an A – line down . From the waist Under derok is a hoop .


Suitable for : The A – line dress is a great option for almost any bride. The A-line dress can add graceful curves to a straight figure and it is very suitable for women with wide waist . The full skirt of the A – line can hide a rounded lower best wedding dress by body type.

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