Addressing Wedding Invitations

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Preparing a wedding is not as easy, fun and simple as we can see in many movies, especially when we it comes to addressing wedding invitations. Problems occur when we want our wedding invitations look formal so that it matches with the formality of our wedding, but what we got in the way we is the informal one.

Respectful is a big deal. It deals with how we address people’s name in addressing wedding invitations. It is better to stick Mr./Mrs./Ms.when someone who have PhD never uses their title of Doctor. When a woman prefer to be written using their husband’s name (e.g. Mrs. John West), then you should do what she wishes. All you have to do is, you should write what people prefer to be called. No nicknames is the main rule Write full name rather than someone’s nickname. If we never knew them having a formal name, just stick to the name you are familiar with.

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Last but not least, send two invitations if it is needed. In case of the couple live separately, roommates who aren’t involved romantically, we should separate invitations to each address. Different address is a common problem in addressing wedding invitations which should be handled easily.

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